AMPS 2011


AMPS 2011 will be the 2nd edition of an international workshop on applied measurements in power systems. 

The conference will take place in:

"Super C" Building.
Templergraben 57

Workshop Topics
The Workshop deals with all the aspects related to the measurement applications in power systems. In this field measurement issues are continuously increasing along with a demand for more and more accurate measurements. The development of new diagnostic methods, of new kind of power network managements, the study and development of Smart Grids where also synchronized distributed measurement systems are required and the even more critical environmental conditions are some
examples of the challenges for the new generation of sensors and measurement apparatus.

This Workshop will focus on all the aspects related to sensors and measurements in the field of power networks and power systems, to find a pondered, physically and mathematically sound answer to the challenges of the future Power Grid.

Main topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Measurement issues in Smart Grids
  • New generation of revenue metering
  • Sensors for protection relays and for special applications in power systems
  • Nonconventional current and voltage sensors
  • Reliability of measurement apparatus for control and management of power networks
  • Measurement systems for diagnostic purposes
  • Development of coordinated proposals for new Standards.
  • Distributed measurement systems
  • Certification issues of nonconventional measurement systems and apparatus

The expected contributions to be presented in the 2nd edition of the AMPS workshop should address these problematic issues and bring up critical opinions and innovative solutions to instrumentation and measurement challenges in power applications.